Healing through Sangha

En fördjupningsretreat med Sister Lightness där vi går på djupet med både mindfulness och sangha och relationen mellan dem.

In this weekend retreat we shall learn ways to live our daily life mindfully. We practice to have peace in our body, to recognize that we have a body – ‘’breathing in, I know I have a body’’, at that moment the body has a mind – the embodied mind. When the mind and the body are one, then we truly have life. With the practices of collective sitting meditation, walking meditation, eating meditation and sharing in mindfulness we learn to bring reconciliation between body and mind – to bring peace to our feelings, to generate joy and contentment to ourselves, our love ones and to people around us.

16 November - 18 November 2018


Sister Thieu Nghiem
Sister Thieu Nghiem
Sister Lightness